WSG Values Job Seekers, Employers and Staff Through:


  • I will act honestly at all times
  • I will do what I say I will do
  • I will respect, adopt and uphold WSG’s policies, procedures and standards
  • I will take pride in the company
  • I will act in a trustworthy manner and earn the trust of others

Understanding & respect

  • I will treat others with sensitivity and dignity
  • I value and respect others’ differences
  • I challenge those who intimidate or undermine others
  • I preserve the privacy and confidentiality of all


  • I will always have a positive attitude
  • I will listen and consider before communicating with others
  • I will respond to all communication in a timely, responsible, effective and professional manner
  • I will communicate in a welcoming manner
  • I will reflect, in my communications, the values of WSG


  • I will work with my team to discover new ways of doing things
  • I will embrace change
  • I will understand how change is inevitable and will support others through the change process

Accountability and Responsibility

  • I will be responsible for my decisions and actions
  • I will have a personal responsibility for my decisions and actions
  • If I make a mistake I regard it as an opportunity to learn
  • I am accountable for the skills required for my position
  • I challenge those whose behaviour is not representative of our values
  • I understand the consequences if my behaviour is not in accordance with our values


  • I will understand and adhere to the Disability Service Standards
  • I will always strive to do my best
  • I encourage others to do their best
  • I willingly share my ideas and knowledge with others
  • I take pride in all that I do
  • I am committed to achieving and maintaining the highest performance standards
  • I will look out for the safety and well-being of others
  • I will strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance in all aspects of my work

Enjoyment and Fulfilment

  • I will strive to contribute to a positive team-based culture
  • I will contribute to and play an active part in maintaining an enjoyable workplace
  • I will contribute to the success of the Team
  • I will involve others in a Team as the best way to get things done
  • I willingly share my ideas and knowledge with other Team members