Who are we?

Work Solutions Gippsland is the largest Disability Employment Service in Gippsland and we are seeking your support with the continuing development of the GEMAD Initiative. Following GEMAD’s launch in August 2010, Work Solutions Gippsland has been working together with local employers and the wider community to increase awareness, build disability confidence and promote social inclusion of people with a disability.

Given that 20% of the Australian population has a disability of some form, it makes “great business sense” to get behind this charter and allow us to help build your disability confidence and understanding. Businesses that are seen to be making a proactive contribution to this initiative are more highly regarded by their customers, employees, peers and the general public.

At the launch of GEMAD in 2010, Bob Ansett, founder of Budget Rent-a Car, remarked, “When the makeup of my workforce reflected the makeup of my community, I had a competitive edge”.

What is GEMAD?

The GEMAD Charter is the first regional charter in Australia and is based on very successful practice adopted in the United Kingdom. We currently have hundreds of local employers such as McDonalds, SP Ausnet, Murray Goulburn, Telstra and the six Local Government Authorities who have committed to the application of the charter’s eleven key principles of social inclusion in their workplaces.

Becoming a GEMAD Signatory allows Work Solutions Gippsland to support your business. We will send you valuable and educational information via newsletters, invite you to business functions where challenges can be discussed and best practice shared. We are available at any time to discuss your concerns and questions pertaining to disability in the workplace.

What can GEMAD do for my business?

Agreeing to become a GEMAD Signatory will not incur any cost to your business, does not imply any commitment to employing a person with a disability and is not legally binding. It simply signifies acceptance of the eleven key principles contained in the charter and that your company is open to receiving information and support. GEMAD will open up a host of opportunities for you to network with other likeminded employers and will keep you in touch with what is happening in your local labour market.

You will be exclusively included in all GEMAD correspondence and will receive invitations to business functions where guest speakers will brief you on topics of interest. GEMAD Signatories are recorded in a database and are publicised on the GEMAD website. We will market your business name and website address on the GEMAD website free of charge.

Becoming a GEMAD Signatory will add substantial value to your business and is already having such a positive impact across the Gippsland region.

For further information on GEMAD, please contact us on 1300 974 669.

To view the GEMAD Charter please click here.