Work Solutions Gippsland can provide your business with skilled and motivated staff. Let us take the hassle out of recruiting. We work hard to ensure the right person is matched to your business and our service is free of charge.

Great for Business

Around 1 in 10 customers in Australia have a family member with a disability. Customers who observe your business employing people with a disability may think more highly of your products and/or services and may prefer to do business with you – remember, people with a disability are from the community and the community does care.

A person with a disability may attract a wage subsidy – conditions apply, talk to an Employment Consultant to find out more.

Great for Workplace Morale

People with disability in your community may be the sons, daughters, brothers or sisters of people that currently work in your business. Including people with a disability in your workplace will often add positively to your workplace culture. They can prove to be quite inspiring to other colleagues.

Our job seekers have real skills and real abilities including:

Loyalty and reliability – people with a disability are often substantially more reliable and dedicated to their work and have lower levels of absenteeism

Enthusiasm and initiative – a keen willingness to contribute positively to team goals and objectives mean that employees with a disability can offer unique and creative solutions to workplace challenges

Empathy – people with a disability can relate to a large cross section of the community

The Right Match

Before recruiting, we get to know your business and conduct a thorough analysis of your workforce needs to ensure we find the right candidate. Our individually tailored Post Placement Support (PPS) program ensures your new employee settles into their new role seamlessly. We measure our success by supplying sustainable recruitment solutions. That’s why we provide PPS during the induction, probationary period and beyond. Our staff will work with your business every step of the way to ensure a sustainable employment outcome is reached. We can also facilitate workplace modifications for eligible clients.

Job in Jeopardy

Have you got an employee whose injury, disability or barrier is affecting their performance at work? Is this having an impact on your bottom line? Better known as JiJ, this Government funded program may be the answer to retaining a loyal and dedicated employee during their time of reduced capacity, saving you time and money in recruiting and training. Talk to an Employment Consultant to find out more.

Traineeships & Apprenticeships

Traineeships or apprenticeships are a great way to train employees and give them valuable work experience. We can provide direction and advice in this area and once again, wage subsidies may apply.