Established in 2002, Work Solutions Gippsland is a specialist employment service whose prime focus is to assist jobseekers with a disability, injury or health condition, to gain and maintain employment in the mainstream workforce.

Work Solutions Gippsland is the largest disability employment service provider in the region, with ten offices throughout South, Central and East Gippsland.

As the provider of choice and a leader in our field, we provide tailored services, advice and resources to assist people with a disability and/or barrier to employment find long term, sustainable employment in the Gippsland region.

Work Solutions Gippsland is committed to quality and is certified against the Federal Government’s Disability Service Standards.

Regardless of your disability or barrier to employment, Work Solutions Gippsland believes there is a job out there for everyone.


Work Solutions Gippsland is a progressive company, and we only employ people who believe in our Vision, Mission and Philosophy.



To give every client the opportunity to improve their quality of life through employment


To identify the ability in every client and match each client to an appropriate employer


There is no one irrespective of the degree of disability, who cannot live and participate in mainstream community life